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Fresh Pick | THE SEDUCTION OF A DUKE by Donna MacMeans

November 9, 2009
The Seduction Of A Duke

April 2009
On Sale: April 7, 2009
Featuring: Francesca Winthrop; William Chambers
352 pages
ISBN: 0425228061
EAN: 9780425228067

Romance Historical
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Donna MacMeans The Seduction Of A Duke by Donna MacMeans

Francesca wanted to marry for love, but her social-climbing mother arranged a betrothal to an English duke who is likewise not eager to marry. But a chance encounter and a dash of intrigue make the unwilling couple rethink what they really desire.

William Chambers, Duke of Bedford, ascended to the title upon his father’s death, but he also inherited his father’s extensive debts. Desperate to avoid scandal and ruin, he is willing to go to any lengths – including marrying, sight unseen, a reclusive American heiress known as Frosty Franny.

Not pleased to be trapped in an arranged marriage, Francesca Winthrop conspires to turn lemons into lemonade with the assistance of a courtesan’s journal.

A sexy Victorian spin on kissing the frog to find true love!


With all the malice she could muster, Francesca Winthrop whacked the wooden croquet ball beneath her foot, sending her mother’s ball careening across the manicured lawn, over the edge of the Newport cliffs, and possibly into the blue-gray waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  Pity, it wasn’t her mother’s head.

“Really, Francesca, that show of spirit was entirely unnecessary.”  Alva Winthrop signaled one of the dozen servants standing about for just such an occasion to search for her ball at the rocky base of the cliff, before feigning laughter for the benefit of the other society matriarchs watching the match.  “Most women would be positively thrilled to learn they were about to marry a Duke.”

“Most women have at least met the man they are to marry, or had a say in the selection,” Fran replied, careful to keep her Read More…

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