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Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2007

Today is Earth Day and I have decided that I’m finally going to start recycling again. My parents have been very big on recycling for close to 20 years now. Probably because one of my older sister’s became very interested in it in high school and then went on to become a science teacher herself. When my parents were designing the kitchen for their home over 15 years ago, they planned the layout to account for additional recycling trash cans, newspaper pile and plastic grocery bags. Anyways, ever since moving to Dallas I stopped recycling. No more. I’m starting my pile of newspaper & advertisements (now I just need to buy some string to tie it all up — am I the only one who doesn’t just have string laying around the house?!). I also need to buy a can crusher and a separate trash bin for cans to recycle. More shopping. I’ve already started switching all my lightbulbs over to the Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) whenever the regular lightbulbs burn out.

Changing topic. I read the mystery High Heels are Murder by Elaine Viets this week and loved it! The main character, Josie Marcus, lives in Maplewood, Missouri (right outside St. Louis). Too ironic. My oldest sister (a shoe addict) lived and worked in Maplewood while I was in college. I worked one summer up there. This is number two in a series – Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper. This book was hilarious. I totally need to read the first book, Dying in Style. Check out FreshFictions’ review of High Heels are Murder.

What I’ve been reading:
High Heels are Murder by Elaine Viets
Remember Me by Sharon Sala
Some Girls Do by Leanne Banks

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