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Harry Hunsicker Signing – NEXT TIME YOU DIE

July 21, 2006

Harry Hunsicker Signing
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We went to the party at the Cigar Bar in Javier’s Gourmet Mexciano Restaurant in Dallas to celebrate the release of Harry Hunsicker‘s latest thriller — NEXT TIME YOU DIE.

Set in Dallas, and being labeled as “Dallas Noir.” NEXT TIME YOU DIE is the second outing with Lee HENRY Oswald. Some film critics in the group think “Dallas Noir” is a bit far-fetched since the amount of rain in the book was minimal. But you have to work with what you get, and Dallas is going through a drought thank you very much. The other elements of noir were VERY present and enjoyed by this reader. Including shady characters, a cold-blooded siren, and a fast-paced read through “mean” streets and back alleys of Dallas.

Poor Hank, he’s got a long road to travel very quickly, finding a missing folder for an alcoholic Baptist preacher brings back some bad memories and characters from the past to mix with a current ecclectic group in his present.

NEXT TIME YOU DIE was a great read and should NOT BE MISSED!

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