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Here I am!

May 16, 2005

I made it! I am ready to post and add comments!

What am I reading…

Actually I just finished a great book called Lamb: The Gospel According to Christ’s Childhood Pal Biff by Christopher Moore. It was a fun and wacky look at the years of Christ between 6 yrs. old and 35ish, the “missing years” from the bible. You follow Biff and Josh (Jesus) through their young adulthood while they discover the mysteries of sin, buddhism, etc. It is written from Biff’s point of view, he has been resurrected in the present day to write his gospel. Christopher Moore has several other titles that look equally as fun, so I will be working my way through them.

I am reading Wicked by Shannon Drake, a Beauty and the Beast based romance. I am enjoying the tie in with Egyptology.

And speaking of Egyptology, the newest Amelia Peabody mystery The Serpent on the Crown by Elizabeth Peters was fantastic! I’m a big Amelia fan (meaning I buy the books in hardback as soon as they come out, no waiting for paperbacks!). I love watching Amelia’s character evolve as her family evolves around her.

That’s all I have for now, I should get back to work!


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