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Interview with the heroine from THE LADY WHO SAW TOO MUCH

June 22, 2016

What is your name? Do you have a nickname?

My name is Gianna York Elmsworth. People close to me call me Gia.

Who is your best friend? What kinds of things do you do when you’re together?

I’m very close with my sister-in-law, Alice, but my best friend is Madeline Merrick. As sole survivors to separate tragedies, Maddie and I share a special bond. No one else truly understands the extent of what we’ve lost—and gained—in the wake of our traumas, and we’re fortunate to have found each other. Maddie resides in another town, but we see each other as often as we can. When we’re together, we spend much of our time in private, sharing the trials and triumphs of using our secret abilities to help others. We also share our fears of discovery and the destruction of the lives we’ve fought so hard to rebuild.

If you have a family, how do you get along with them? If you don’t, are there people in your life that you consider family? How do you get along with them?

My parents and I are estranged. I survived an accident that killed my two brothers, and after that, my parents could barely tolerate my presence. I doubt I will ever see them again, but their absence from my life pains me less every day, as I’ve come to accept their decision to erase me from their lives. My husband’s family is my family now, and I love them to pieces.

Do you have a birthmark? Scars? Where is it/are they? How did you get it/them?

While the accident left no physical scars on my body, guilt and grief have indelibly marked me. As has the mysterious ability I acquired in the aftermath.

When you’re angry, what do you do? Where do you go? How do you deal with your anger?

When I’m angry I walk. Hard and fast. It doesn’t matter where, though I prefer the park or the woods—somewhere I can let my feet pound out my anger. By the time I return home, I feel calmer and more rational than I did when I’d stormed out.

If you had to make me a meal right now, without going to the store, what would you find in your refrigerator to feed us?

I have a huge sweet tooth, so I would fix us dessert. Strawberry shortcake!

What’s the one thing you’re afraid of losing?

I am terrified of losing control over my former addiction to opiates.

What makes you laugh out loud?

My husband’s attempts to be patient with our Aunt Clara are comical. The domineering old woman has no qualms about speaking her mind, especially to Landen. Their exchanges often leave him spitting, sputtering, or speechless, and I find these rare reactions from him highly amusing.

Has anyone broken your heart? Who was s/he?

My parents broke my heart. With each dreaded glimpse at me after the accident, I could see what they were thinking. It should have been you.

What’s the one thing you want out of life that you don’t think you can have? Why can’t you have it?

I’ll never have peace. My prophetic visions can strike at any time, and there’s no telling what I might see or how these glimpses into the future might affect those around me. The enormous responsibility of knowing what’s to come is a burden I’ll struggle to carry for the rest of my days. While I’ll never truly be at peace, Landen’s unconditional love and support help me rest easier.

Thank you so much for having me here! I’ve enjoyed this opportunity to introduce Gia to readers!

About Thomasine Rappold

Thomasine Rappold

A three-time RWA Golden Heart nominee, Thomasine Rappold writes historical romance and historical romance with paranormal elements. She lives with her husband in a small town in upstate New York that inspired her current series. When she’s not spinning tales of passion and angst, she enjoys spending time with her family, fishing on one of the nearby lakes, and basking on the beach in Cape Cod. Thomasine is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Capital Region Romance Writers.


THE LADY WHO SAW TOO MUCH by Thomasine Rappold

The Lady Who Saw Too Much

Cursed with prophetic visions and desperate to atone for a death she could have prevented, Gianna York swears she will never again ignore the chance to save a life. When she is hired by Landen Elmsworth to serve as companion to his sister, Gia repeatedly sees the image of her employer’s lifeless corpse floating in Misty Lake. As subsequent visions reveal more details, Gia soon realizes her best chance to save this difficult man is by becoming his wife.

At first, Landen Elmsworth believes the fetching Miss York might be right for a meaningless dalliance, but he grossly underestimates her capacity for cunning and soon finds himself bound until death to a woman he may never be able to trust. Yet in the dark of their bedroom they discover an undeniable passion–and a capacity to forge their own destiny .

Fantasy Historical | Romance Historical [Lyrical Press, On Sale: June 21, 2016, Paperback / e-Book, ISBN: 9781616509934 / eISBN: 9781616509934]

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