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It’s Hump Day

May 25, 2005

For those who might not know Hump day is Wednesday, becuase there’s 2 days of the week already passed, and only 2 days of the week left until the glorious weekend. It’s going to be a three day weekend, and I hope many of you have some wonderful plans.

If all goes according to plan my mom is coming Friday afternoon. She’s supposed to be letting me know for sure as she had an angioplasty last week, and was to have seen the doctor to get cleared for flying. Then Saturday evening will find us watching our oldest graduate high school. Unfortunately he has to work at 10PM, because another high school is having a lock in at his job, and we won’t have time to take him out to celebrate!

Because of my school year winding down I’ve decided to read something quick and easy. I read Somebody’s Baby by Tara Taylor Quinn. It’s book 10 in the Shelter Valley Stories. I haven’t read all the stories in this series, and didn’t feel like I needed to in order to know what was going on in the small town of Shelter Story. Ms. Quinn allowed enough back story, without taking away from the current read. I’m pretty proud of myself because I started it Monday morning and finished it last night.

Of course I can’t be bookless! I decided that the HSR line was just what I needed at the moment, so I’ve moved on to another. This one is The Trick To Getting A Mom by Amy Frazier. I have to be honest and say I picked it because of the fact it was getting a lot of discussion in one of my YAHOO groups. Then to continue be honest I have to say it held a lot of appeal because it has a nice large font! So I settled down to read(after having watched American Idol), and managed to read 70 attention grabbing pages before I decided that my pillow and blanket were hollering louder than the book.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week, and if I don’t make it back before the weekend, enjoy the long one, and be safe.


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