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Jasmine Haynes | 10 Things Erotic Romance Writers Might Hear When the Word Gets Out

November 6, 2007

I started out writing romantic suspense, murders, serial killers, little things like that. Maybe I was watching too many forensics shows or something. Then a bit of paranormal slipped in there. You know, ghosts, psychics, big hunky, sexy detectives (yes, my Max Series by JB Skully from After that came the humor. It just sort of slipped in there with Ladybird Long (my hunky, sexy detective’s mom from my Max series), then went off the charts with my first Jennifer Skully book, Sex and the Serial Killer. Finally, there was the really spicy stuff. And Jasmine Haynes was born (the pseudonym, not the real Jasmine). My mom asked me why I couldn’t write children’s books. I said that generally speaking people didn’t get murdered by vile methods in children’s books, and, really, there wasn’t supposed to be any S-E-X either. So, ever since, I’ve been leading a sort of double life. Actually, make that a triple life. Eventually, however, I had to come out of the closet. To my family. My neighbors. My accounting coworkers! My boss!!!! Here’s just a few of the things people said to me.

10) I imagine your husband needs Viagra. (I’m not quite sure whether that one was an insult)

9) Can I help with your research? (my male ex-boss, OMG!!!)

8) Could I do some hands-on critiquing for you?

7) Don’t you have to have more than one person involved for it to be called sex? (I didn’t feel the need to explain about…um…you know)

6) My husband raves about your books to all his guy friends. And he hasn’t even read one of them yet!

5) Isn’t there only one way to do it?

4) How can you write a whole book about it? It only takes two minutes.

3) That’s like the “funny” sex my husband made me do when we were young. Sometimes, it made me faint. (I was afraid to ask this lovely elderly lady for details!)

2) So that’s how you have phone sex! How does one go about finding a young man to try it with? I’d even settle for an old man (my 89-year-old neighbor!)

And my personal favorite:

1) I gave your book to a friend as a present, but I covered all the naughty parts with sticky notes. (Single-handedly, she keeps the sticky note people in business!)

So, to find out what everyone’s referring to, please don’t miss The Fortune Hunter by Jasmine Haynes, in bookstores today. It’s a sexy tale of a woman who agrees to be her own husband’s uninhibited mistress. Faith Castle wants a family, Connor Kingston wants to run her father’s company. In a modern-day marriage of convenience, the bargaining begins with the kind of no-holds barred sex life Connor desires and Faith is afraid she can’t live up to. Now everything is on the table, including them…

The Fortune Hunter is the first book of my “swan” trilogy about women coming into their own, finding themselves. Show and Tell will be out in July 2008 and Games People Play arrives sometime in early 2009. I will also have an anthology story out in December 2008. In addition to Jasmine Haynes, I also write as Jennifer Skully, over-the-top (hopefully hilarious) romantic mysteries, and as JB Skully, I’ve created the Max Starr psychic mystery series at Readers can learn more about all my pseudonyms at They can also watch two movie trailers on MySpace at Subscribing to my newsletter for updates on the latest releases is easy, just send an email to

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