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Jasmine Haynes | Working Life really is like “The Office".

July 7, 2008

Thanks so much for having me as your guest. I’m excited to have Berkley releasing SHOW AND TELL this month, the second book in a trilogy that began with THE FORTUNE HUNTER, which won the Holt Medallion for erotic romance.

Here’s a little tidbit about SHOW AND TELL to whet your appetite. All her life Trinity Green has been a pleaser, first her mom and dad, then her husband. When she walks in on her husband with another woman, she realizes that trying to be the perfect wife with never a hair out of place or a smudge of makeup beneath her eyes was all for nothing. Now she’s going to indulge herself, with good food, delicious wine, and hot sex. Then she meets the perfect man under the oddest of circumstances…

And Trinity also needs to get a job! That’s where my experiences working in an office atmosphere comes into play for the book. This spring I rented all the DVDs for “The Office.” You might think that show exaggerates what it’s really like, that no real boss is going to say or do stuff like that. But, swear it, they really do. I had a wonderful boss who drove me insane. I remember a time he walked up behind me and snapped my bra strap. I was in shock as he ran down to HR to ask if I could sue him. Another time he asked if I was sleeping with the VP of Manufacturing because the guy had given me such a glowing review. Of course, he didn’t just ask that in private, he yelled it out from his office door over to my cubicle. You might think I disliked this man, but for the most part he was actually a really nice guy. He just had this problem with saying and doing things before he thought them completely through. So, like “The Office” I had to bring along some characters that I worked with for SHOW AND TELL. Specifically, there’s lovely Inga Rice who gives Trinity hell on her new job. In my real life, she was a he. It was a nightmare from which I couldn’t seem to wake. But you know, I was kind of proud of the way I handled this guy in the end. Which is why I’m proud of the way Trinity handled Inga, too. So while much of what I write is totally fiction, a lot is also based on real events, maybe my events, or maybe a story someone else told me.

So, care to share any stories you have from your work? Any bizarre things happen to you recently? Any interesting characters that you’d like to share?

FAIR PLAY, the third book in THE FORTUNE HUNTER trilogy arrives sometime in April 2009. I also have an anthology coming out in December 2008, UNLACED, with stories by three other great writers, Jaci Burton, Joey Hill, and Denise Rossetti. In addition to Jasmine Haynes, many of you know me as Jennifer Skully, writing over-the-top (hopefully hilarious) romantic mysteries, and as JB Skully, I’ve created the Max Starr psychic mystery series. Readers can learn more about all my pseudonyms at

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