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April 14, 2009

Jennifer Lewis

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My new book out this month, The Heir’s Scandalous Affair, is the third in my Hardcastle Progeny series for Silhouette Desire. This is my first author-generated series, and I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to carry my characters through three different books. It was quite a challenge because each book had to stand completely alone, so you could pick it up without ever having read—or even heard of—the other two. I also wanted them to mesh together so you could read all three as part of one overarching story about the Hardcastle family. As a reader I enjoying seeing characters from previous books and learning what they’re up to now, and I know from experience that I’m not the only one.

Soon after my first book The Boss’s Demand, came out in July 2007, I started getting emails asking if I planned to write books for the two brothers of my hero, Elan. I wrote back that I honestly wasn’t sure. I’d always wanted to create stories for all three brothers, but I wrote that book before I sold and publishers aren’t always wild about the idea of buying several linked books from an untested author. After all, what if the first one is a big flop???

I can now boldly state that one of the hero’s brothers will be coming out some time in 2010, since I’ve just finished penning his story. I will have published seven or eight other books in between, so I apologize for the wait! It was a lot of fun revisiting Sara and Elan from my first book, and given the passage of time it should be no surprise that they now have two children.

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