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Jill Marie Landis | Welcoming Westerns Back

August 31, 2007

Jill Marie LandisAloha One and All:

A big Mahalo (thank you!) to Fresh Fiction for inviting me to blog today. This is such a fabulous site, one that makes promotion painless for those authors like me who somehow look up from the monitor only to discover a year has gone by and I’ve yet to let readers know what’s been going on and when to expect my next novel.

I’m pleased as punch to announce that next year my first single title novel for Steeple Hill will be published in July ’08. The title is now officially, HOMECOMING, and for those of you who have read my early Western Historical Romances and have been asking for more, this one is for you.

Written as a Western Inspirational Romance, HOMECOMING is the kind of story I love to tell about characters who find the strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It’s a book that romance readers can pass along to their daughters and grandmothers as well. Whenever anyone asks how I was able to switch from secular romance novels that were on the sensual side to Inspirational Romance, I remind them that I’ve always tried to instill a sense of hope and triumph into every “heartwarming” tale I’ve written. HOMECOMING is that and more. It was a pleasure to add an element of faith to the novel.

In June of next year, Harlequin will publish the wedding anthology, DESTINATION: MARRIAGE, which will include my novella entitled “Trouble in Paradise.” It’s a lighthearted story set on Kauai about a heroine who has decided the island is sending her signs and omens not to go ahead with the wedding and a hero who is left with but a few hours to convince her not to cancel.

I’m actually proofing the final draft today and then I’ll be emailing it off to NYC, clearing the desk so that I can finish up my second Steeple Hill single title–which is due in February! (There’s no rest for the weary, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

Lately I’ve been thrilled by the fact that Westerns seem to be making a comeback, not only in the romance genre, but on film as well. Day before yesterday there was an article on USA Today online about the return of the Western (Westerns Shoot Their Way Back) with none other than Brad Pitt starring in “The Assassination of Jesse James.” The article claims Westerns never really died, they were just gut shot. Here’s to more romance novels set in the West.

Unfortunately, I suppose my novella isn’t going to proof itself no matter how long I let it sit on the desk, so I’ll close for now. Please do check my website at where I try to keep readers up with last minute news (perhaps it’s months old by now!) and there is a blog there as well at

So for now, aloha hui hou (aloha until we meet again)…Jill Marie Landis

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