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August 9, 2005

GABRIEL'S GHOST by Linnea SinclairJust finished the ARC of GABRIEL’S GHOST (Bantam Spectra, October 2005) by Linnea Sinclair. It’s advertised as a fast-paced space adventure with elements of religion, technology, romance and adventure. And it was. You got your basic religious fanatic, a mixed bag of galactic species trying to overcome natural and taught prejudices to work together as a team, a rouge troop of adventurers out to effect a “good mission” plus some good romantic entanglements. Reminded me alot of FireFly which I finally got to watch as SciFi channel is showing the entire season as a ramp up for the Serenity movie release. I missed the original broadcast and for some reason, tom wasn’t interested in the DVD. He never was a Buffy fan, so I think that colored his perception. But I love Firefly and all its occupants and I’m especially entranced by the chemistry between Mal and Inara. But back to the “ghost.”

I liked the book just as much as I enjoyed her previous book — Finders Keepers — another book previously epublished that’s been rewritten for the “paper” trade. The only problem, for me at least, is it’s a great universe Sinclair invented, but the books aren’t connected at all! When I read a space opera, I like the continuing back story that evolves but I love the interconnected characters even better. Sheesh, I’m still looking for “Ivan’s” complete story in the Miles Vorkosigan world (Lois McMaster Bujold). I KNOW that would be wonderful! And I see Honor Harrington (David Weber) has a new story out this fall. Will I fall for buying the eBook in advance? Oh, geez, I probably will! Then get it in paperback next year *sigh* I always fall for that!

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