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KAREN ROSE SMITH | A Bit About My Writing Process

February 25, 2010


Hi, everyone. I’m so glad to be here blogging with you. My 70th romance will be released this year and I’m excited about that.

Whenever I write a blog, I like to give a few details about myself. I live in Pennsylvania but the Southwest is my favorite place on the planet. The scenery fills me up creatively and spiritually the way nothing else can. Cooking is my favorite hobby and I once won second place in a national Bisquick contest! I find recipes can be as interesting to put together as plots. Early on-in my teens-I wrote poetry and began a book manuscript. Music fed my creative bent then and still does today. Favorite singers? Taylor Swift, Adam Lambert and Josh Groban. What can I say? My tastes are eclectic.

I’d love to discuss my Baby Experts series with you. The fourth book in the series, THE TEXAS BILLIONAIRE’S BABY, will be released at the end of February with Silhouette Special Edition.

Before I go into detail about my new novel, I’d like to tell you a little about an older one. I once wrote about a heroine with a port-wine stain on one side of her face. She was a trauma make-up expert and had to grow out of her own insecurities without make-up in the course of the book. One of my editors then
suggested I not write other books with “issues.” For a while I listened to the underlying message-don’t deal with serious subjects in romances. But as each book was published, I realized the only way to keep my plots challenging as well as interesting for me was to add an aspect to each book that made it unique. Throughout my career, I’ve mixed more serious books with lighter ones, sensual ones with blatantly sexy ones. With all of them, I try to keep emotion the key driving element.

In THE TEXAS BILLIONAIRE’S BABY, my hero, Logan Barnes, is worried about his toddler son who isn’t yet walking. Daniel was a preemie and his mother died to save him. My heroine Gina Rigoletti has returned to Sagebrush, Texas after years away to make peace with her past…as well as with Logan. When she was eighteen she fell in love with him but left him because of a threat from his father and for the dream of a future for herself and her sister. A developmental baby expert now, Logan hires Gina to help Daniel learn to walk. Old feelings come rushing back for both of them.

Gina once left Logan and he can’t forget that betrayal. On Gina’s part… She holds more than one secret that could destroy the new bond they forge while working with Daniel. After Gina left Sagebrush for college-Logan never knew his father threatened her-she was date-raped.

This romance is about healing the past but also healing a trauma that has never seen the full light of the sun. Gina’s love for Logan and his for her becomes the sun Gina needs to let fourteen-year-old wounds heal.

THE TEXAS BILLIONAIRE’S BABY is a book about babies and a single dad…about supportive women friends who are heroines in The Baby Experts series. It’s about an old Victorian house in fictional Sagebrush outside of Lubbock that appears to have started a rumor-any women who lives there will find true love. It’s about lasting love and new love and the healing power of mutual honesty.

I’m ready to discuss any aspects of my blog. I want to thank all my readers for your support during my career. If you are a new reader, I hope you enjoy the plunge into my booklist and find reading each book a pleasure and an emotional experience.

Have a great day.

Karen Rose Smith

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