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KAT MARTIN | A bride trilogy, yes … “Cinderalla stories”, no …

April 23, 2010

KAT MARTINRULE'S BRIDEI’ve always wanted to write a bride series. Something romantic with orchids and white lace. For years, I toyed with an idea for a sort of Cinderella story about a duke who accidentally falls in love with the wrong woman. Not his betrothed, the woman he has promised to marry, but his fiancée’s poor relations, a cousin hardly suited to become the wife of a duke. ROYAL’S BRIDE was the result.

From conception, it was a book that involved three brothers, which gave me two more hunky Dewar men in need of the perfect bride. In REESE’S BRIDE, the middle brother, Reese, is the kind of dark, brooding hero I love to write. He is home from the war, retired from the cavalry and forced to live the sedentary life of a country gentleman, the last thing he wants to do. Worse yet, Reese’s next door neighbor is the woman he once loved, a woman who betrayed him by marrying another man.

Elizabeth is now a widow, a forbidden temptation even more powerful than before. Reese definitely has his problems, but so does his younger brother, Rule.

In RULE’S BRIDE, the handsomest, most rakish Dewar brother is shocked to find the young bride he wed in an arranged marriage three years earlier all grown up and sitting in his London living room. Violet Dewar has matured into a delectable little morsel Rule can’t wait to seduce into his bed.

Unfortunately, all Violet wants from Rule is an annulment.
I had great fun writing this series, though the weddings were not all orchids and lace as the ladies and this writer expected. Still, true love is worth the perils the characters must endure. I hope you’ll watch for the Brides’ Trilogy. ROYAL’S BRIDE and REESE’s BRIDE are currently available. RULE’S BRIDE will be out the end of April.

Hope you enjoy and very best wishes,

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