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Kat Martin | Trilogies: Readers love books that have a connection!

August 16, 2010

AUTHORkat martinUntil fairly recently, I didn’t write trilogies. Mostly because I had to think up three stories all at once. It’s far easier to come up with one idea, develop characters, and work out a single plot.

Earlier in my career, I did a number of related books. GYPSY LORD, SWEET VENGEANCE, and THE DEVIL’S PRIZE were linked books with characters who were friends. CREOLE FIRES, SAVANNAH HEAT, and NATCHEZ FLAME were also linked, but I had yet to write what I now consider a real trilogy. Then my agent came to Montana for a visit. She helped me come up with a story concept that was broad enough to last through three novels, and The Necklace Trilogy was born: THE BRIDE’S NECKLACE, THE DEVIL’S NECKLACE, and THE HANDMAIDEN’S NECKLACE.

Even in a three book series, I write novels that stand alone. I think that’s important, since readers often buy them out of sequence. The best thing about linked books is that readers get to stay in touch with the people they’ve met in previous novels and come to care about. I get lots of e-mails from readers who comment on this and eagerly await the rest of the books in the series.
Which is why my publisher is putting my new books–AGAINST THE WIND, AGAINST THE FIRE, and AGAINST THE LAW— out in January, February, March. The Raines Brothers, beginning with Jackson Raines.

I hope you enjoy the Necklace Trilogy and that you will watch for The Raines Brothers, starting with AGAINST THE WIND.

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