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Katee Robert | Bless the Dirty Talking Hero

December 3, 2014

Katee RobertMISTAKEN BY FATEWe all love him. You know the one – the hero who likes to whisper things that make both the reader and the heroine melt. He always knows the right thing to say to set panties aflame, and he’s doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to take you there. The man should really walk around with a warning attached to him, because his heroine isn’t going to stand a chance once he starts talking.

Up until this point, I’ve only ogled him from afar in other authors’ books. I was so sure I could never pull off that kind of thing without my hero sounding like a fool. And then I met the hero of MISTAKEN BY FATE, Garrett Reaver. He’s big and has a striking resemblance to a certain Norse god, and he’s got a whole lot to say—most of it X-rated. Really, really X-rated.

I’d be sitting there, writing, and suddenly things would start coming out of his mouth that had me looking to open a window and get some cold air circulating. I’ve always kind of laughed it off when people ask me how a character I created can surprise me, but Garrett did. The man has a downright filthy mouth.

I wish I could say there’s a secret formula to pulling off a dirty talker without sounding like you’re blushing cherry red while doing it—or, worse, feeling and sounding awkward—but the truth is that it depends on the character. If I’d tried to force some of the things that Garrett said out of another hero’s mouth, I would have failed horribly. But with him, it fit.

And, oh lordy, the book is a thousand times hotter because it does!

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