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Kris Kennedy | Why I Am Not A Romance Heroine

July 30, 2012

It’s sad, yes, but I have to admit it: I am not a romance heroine.

“Why not?” cry those who know me, shocked to the core. Well, let’s be honest, there are traits that appear to be common to most romance heroines, traits and talents that I, unfortunately, do not share. In the interests of brutal honesty, I will reveal them here.

First, and probably last, I look absolutely terrible in the morning. And often again by mid-day. Putting on my husband’s largest shirt and padding around in my bare feet and undies will not improve the view, for reals.

Nothing on my body ‘sparkles’ or ‘glistens’, no, not even in moonlight. Not my hair, not my eyes, not unless they’re watering because my contacts got something in them.

I have hair, not tresses. It does not ‘cascade’ nor ‘flow’ down my back or over my shoulders. On humid days, it tends to frizz; that’s as good as it gets.

You can describe every shade of color on my person with a non-descript adverb or adjective. You know the kind: brown, white, hazel, short. I’m simple that way.

My best lines always come later. If witty banter is a time-sensitive matter, I will fail miserably.

I require naps. Well, technically, I don’t require them, I just ache for them.

Instead of adapting swiftly and problem-solving with deadly effectiveness in high pressure situations, on a bad day, I’m lucky if I remember what vegetable I’m supposed to send in with my child to school for their Stone Soup production.

They are courageous and steadfast when any sane person other than the hero would bail. Okay. In the interests of brutal honesty, I’ve been know to be like that too. 🙂

In DECEPTION, my new release, a hot, sexy, medieval romance, the heroine Sophia is a well-intentioned woman who’s been pushed a little too far, a little too often, by men who are much too powerful, and she’s snapped. She’s going to fight back. But first, she needs to break into somewhere she really doesn’t belong and steal something that is technically not hers. But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is the man who got there before her. And when she’s thwarted, she pushes further, deeper into danger, forcing the hero’s hand, which is something you really should not do. But Sophia does. Because while her hair is brown, it has red highlights, and it sometimes gleams, as do her eyes. Because she has the best come-backs that set her half-Irish hero, her con man hero, her lost lover hero, back on his heels.

And she’s courageous when any other sane person would bail.

Kris writes hot historical romances about heroes and heroines who make irrevocable choices that lead to lots of sexy drama. Her current release DECEPTION, received 4 1/2 stars from RT Book Reviews and is available now. Visit her website for excerpts, updates, newsletter sign-up, or just to drop Kris a note!

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