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Laura Griffin | A love story: sweet, salty, and shaken…

April 30, 2008

My favorite books are the ones that deliver pulse-pounding suspense and also touch my emotions. That’s why I love to read—and write—romantic suspense. This week I’m celebrating the release of my latest romantic suspense novel, ONE WRONG STEP.

This story is a definite case of opposites attract. Long, tall Texan John McAllister is a woman-loving-and-leaving, adventure-seeking, adrenalin junkie. He’s an investigative reporter, too, and I must admit that he bears a striking resemblance to many of the guys I worked with over the years when I was a newspaper reporter. Celie, on the other hand, is like some of my best girlfriends—a “still waters run deep” type of person who also knows how to enjoy a good margarita.

So what do Celie and McAllister have in common? An attraction that has been simmering beneath the surface for years, for one thing. And for another, Celie has a knack for getting herself into dangerous situations, and McAllister—with his nose for news—always seems to show up when things get interesting….Such as when Celie’s ex-husband comes to visit her and turns up murdered an hour later. That’s when Celie realizes that the police have their eye on her, along with an enraged drug lord who is seeking payback for her ex-husband’s debts.

But it’s not all mystery and adventure with these two. The core of the book is a love story. Celie and McAllister are so different, they really test each others’ limits and force each other to experience life—and love—in new ways.

I hope you’ll enjoy this story. For those of you who read ONE LAST BREATH and wrote to ask me, “So what about Celie and that reporter?” this one is for you.

Oh, and here’s a challenge for any of you readers who has ever been to Austin: If you can identify the Austin Mexican restaurant where Celie and McAllister spend their first date (hint: it’s the best Mexican food on the planet!!), I will gleefully send you a free copy of my next release, THREAD OF FEAR (Pocket Star, October 08). Just drop me a line at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you!

Laura Griffin

One Wrong Step (Pocket Star)
One Last Breath (Pocket)

And coming soon:

Thread of Fear (Pocket Star, Oct. 08)
Whisper of Warning (Pocket Star, 09)

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