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August 13, 2008

Thank you Fresh Fiction for allowing me to visit today. I’m having a great day because my book, BILLIONAIRE’S MARRIAGE BARGAIN, which features a hot, powerful, charming and RICH man is on the stands! Alex Megalos has the ability to charm women into his bed with no difficulty at all. When my shero, Mallory James tells him she’s not interested in him, he decides to prove her wrong. There is a lot of heat and a couple of scandals to keep things interesting. If you get a chance to read BILLIONAIRE’S MARRIAGE BARGAIN, please write me. I’d love to hear from you.

I’m having a great day, but that got me to thinking about bad days… or odd days.

…cuz you had an odd day…

I changed the lyrics to that hit song American Idol played over and over again because I believe there are degrees to bad. Bad is a piano falling on you, incurable diseases, a plane flying into your condo, bombs going off in your town …

You get the picture. I feel like a real whiner if I say I’ve had a bad day when I think about how tough a lot of other people have it. So, again I have different ways of expressing an “odd day” using words like sucks or crappy or my favorite “I’m not having a sparkling day.” Could be the weather, could be the dog gets out of the yard, could be a fender bender, could be I’m the recipient of a snark attack from a pretend friend… A day that doesn’t sparkle usually has at least three sucky things associated with it.

How to put some sparkle back in your day:

  1. Wear your favorite bright color. Remember you’re trying to ward off the blackness.
  2. Play beach music especially in your car. Crank up the volume, roll down your windows (if it’s cold, turn up the heat).
  3. Call a friend and ask them to give you a phone hug.
  4. Splurge… at the Dollar Store. It’s so fun! And no guilt! You can buy 15 items and only spend $15.00.
  5. Do something small for someone else. Bake brownies, take flowers, send a card of encouragement or thanks. Sometimes it helps to think about someone else because thinking about yourself too much can be depressing. And it makes you feel like less of a POS person.
  6. Watch a funny sitcom or movie. I have an aversion to crying. For the most part, I don’t find it cathartic. I much prefer to laugh.
  7. Make a list of things for which you are thankful. Yeah, I know it sounds hokey, but it helps.
  8. Get a cosmetic counter makeover. But tell them you don’t want the natural look. Tell them you want the movie star look. If you like what they do, you can use some of their tips. If you don’t, you can use it for Halloween.:)
  9. Love this one from Cherry Adair. I had an upsetting day a couple months ago and she said “Did you buy yourself a gift?” That was wonderful, so I must pass it on. Buy yourself a gift.
  10. Eat chocolate!

I’m celebrating the release of BILLIONAIRE’S MARRIAGE BARGAIN with lots of cool stuff:

A chat party Wednesday, August 27 at 9pm ET at where I will hold a drawing every 15 minutes!

TWO new polls on my message board and I will hold a drawing from those polls.

A bonus contest. Name the car billionaire Alex Megalos drives in BILLIONAIRE’S MARRIAGE BARGAIN and enter the drawing for a prize pack for what every billionaire’s girlfriend should have: a key ring to his car, a sterling silver anklet with a crystal studded star, and sunglasses by designer Betsey Johnson!

In the meantime, since I’ve gone drawing crazy, I’d like to do one here with the good folks at Fresh Fiction. I will send a prize to one of the people who enter my ONE Day Blog Contest. How about that?


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