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Linda Bilodeau | The Story Behind The Wine Seekers

February 17, 2009

Linda BilodeauI’ve always been a foodie, one of those souls who wonder the earth wondering what’s for lunch? What’s for dinner? As a young girl I would spend time in my mother’s kitchen learning her secrets to good tasting food. I enjoyed many a meal with a large crowd of family. As a young mother, I felt I needed to make nutritious meals for my family and would go out of my way to find fresh produce, good cuts of meat and of course, a crowd a people to enjoy it all with. So it never came as a surprise that I would want to write a book that takes place around the best of food and wine.
On a trip through the Tuscan country side, I became enchanted with the simple country fair, and though she wasn’t Italian, it reminded me of the simple things my mother taught me about food, One need not be extravagant with spices, sauces or expensive wines, stick to the basics. It doesn’t take a master chef to put together a good dinner.

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  • Cathy February 14, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    Hi Linda, will add your story to my wish list.