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Maxine Sullivan | THE LONG JOURNEY

February 27, 2009

If anyone had told me in the early 1980s that it would take me over 20 years to be published, I probably wouldn’t have kept on writing. Perhaps. Back then the world was much smaller, and living in Australia it was smaller still and very isolated. There was no internet, no romance writer organisations, it took two weeks for a letter to get to a publisher before waiting months for a reply, and it took me weeks to type up a manuscript on a typewriter from longhand. Patience was something you had to have. And that was a good training ground for the next twenty years as I tried hard to get published.

In the early 1990s the fledgling internet began to trickle information through. Luckily I knew a computer guru who set me up with an internal modem with a speed that is laughable now but was sheer heaven back then, and I started to learn that there was a growing network of writers out there. It was fantastic. The world was coming into my home and suddenly Down Under wasn’t so far away.

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  • Stacy~ February 27, 2009 at 7:44 am

    Hi Maxine. You’re reminding me how much I enjoy Silhouette Desire and that it’s been awhile since I’ve grabbed a category romance. I hope things are going well for you Down Under – still thinking of those who’ve lost their homes. My prayers are with them all.

    I can’t say I’ve had a long journey to success; it’s just been more of a gradual process of moving on up to where I am. I didn’t have a specific goal in mind, so I guess that’s why it doesn’t feel like a journey. But I’ve enjoyed it.

    Good luck with your book 🙂