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Natalie Anderson | Being Fearless

May 22, 2008
Everyone has dreams and ambitions, don’t they? At least, I hope everyone does because dreams can be one of the most fun things in life – there is nothing like sitting somewhere (anywhere) and indulging in a daydream. You can dream about anything – let your mind wander and suddenly you can do whatever, be whatever… then, when you’ve come up with a really good one – you can try to write it down… Cue the start of the author’s nightmare!!!

Seriously though, if we didn’t dream, we couldn’t achieve things right? And often to make your dreams become reality you have to be brave.

It can be terrifying to throw in the good, stable job to chase the career in the high risk area you dream of, it can be damn scary letting your mum read the love scenes in the novel you’ve written, and I figure it’d be frightening when you’ve saved every cent you can so you can go jump out a plane at however many thousand feet – just because you’ve always wanted too … what were you thinking??!!!!!

I think sometimes, to be able to realise our dreams, to be fearless, we need the help and support of someone else. This is a theme I love to explore in my writing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a lover of course – it might be a coach, mentor, mother or father – just that person who doesn’t scoff but who says ‘you can do it’ – who picks you up when you’re down and believes in you. She or he is the bridge to get you through the moments when you’ve lost belief in yourself (and who might give you that much needed boot in the backside!).

I’ve two books out soon – PLEASURED BY THE SECRET MILLIONAIRE (in the UK in June) and HIS MISTRESS BY ARRANGEMENT (in the US in June) and the heroine in each of these books is working on achieving her dreams – one secretly and one not so secretly. They’re very different characters with very different goals but both have those dreams turned upside down when they meet that certain guy… Of course these women are completely capable of being happy and whole alone, but when they meet that hero they’re destined for, then they’re spurred on and supported and so go on to become the best they can be. And in turn, the hero develops and achieves too. It’s that ‘sum of the whole being greater than its parts thing’ – Oh yes – I’m a hopeless romantic – and I make no apology about it.

My husband once said to me (regarding me being able to revise a book in the week I’d just given birth to premmie twins) that ‘nothing is impossible’.
He was right.

What about you – is there someone in your life with whom you share your dreams and ambitions? Do you think having the support of someone like that enables you to do more than you thought you could? Or do you keep those dreams to yourself and let no one in on them?

Whichever is the case, I hope you soon turn them into reality!!!

Happy dreaming,

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