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A new year in books…What’s your reading resolve?

January 1, 2008

New Year’s is a day of reflection and recovery in some cases and most certainly resolutions. Here are a few I’ve heard from family, friends, book club members and other readers for 2008.

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As a book club member I vow to read at least ONE book of each author chosen within the month of their appearance.

I’m planning on reading more books outside my comfort reads, maybe I’ll even try a vampire book

To read other books in 2008 including mysteries, maybe even a cozy

To make more time for reading by not forcing myself to finish a book that isn’t working

Go to book signings and not feel too shy

finish the Jane Austen books before watching the miniseries on PBS Masterpiece Theatre

and so on…

As for me, I plan to keep on reading and not ever feel guilty for “skipping the filler” when it bogs down. I am also, gulp, get rid of a few books. Yeah, right!

What’s your resolution for 2008? Is there a genre or author you’ve avoided? Do you plan on pruning your library? Tell us!

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