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Pamela Stone | All Time Favorite Books

June 17, 2009

We all have a select few favorite books. I don’t just mean the ones on your keeper shelves. I’m talking about that book that you’ve read until the pages are dog-eared and the cover is coming off, perhaps the pages are falling out. The one that you raved to your friends about and possibly loaned them and never got returned. My theory is that they liked the book so well, they just kept it. Since I love good books and enjoy sharing my passion, I just buy another copy for myself. I have purchased, full price, at least three copies of Sea Swept by Nora Roberts. One I actually bought for a friend, but the other got lost twice before it didn’t make it home the final time. The other books in Nora’s Chesapeake series are also wonderful reads, but Sea Swept stands out. Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss is another book that sits atop my shelf. I’ve read many, many good books, but these are the ones that make me swoon. They aren’t just on my keeper shelf, if they disappear, I will go to all lengths to replace them.

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