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December 1, 2008

The other day I received a question from a reader who’d already read my latest release Scions:Revelation (December 1st) and the last book in my Scions trilogy. She asked if the prophecy–that has been an underlying thread through all three of the books in the Scions trilogy–was something I planned from the very beginning, or if the outcome of the prophecy had come to me as I wrote the books.

The answer is actually somewhere in between. 🙂

The idea for the first book in my Scions series came straight from a dream. I’d dreamed about a woman who was kidnapped by a vampire and they were being chased by gunmen. Lots of running, leaping across building rooftops and gunshots ensued. The scene in my dream was right out of an adventure novel and too surreal not to write once I woke up. But once I started jotting down notes, I then had to figure out how to turn that “one scene” into a novel. Hmmm…I ask the question: Why the vampire might want to kidnap the human woman and why the gunmen were chasing them….and all the reasons in between….and that’s how the first five chapters in the first book in my Scions trilogy (Scions:Resurrection) was created. Once I’d completed those chapters, my agent read them and said, “This is more than one book, right?” I pondered some more and came to the conclusion…Of course there would be more than one book! and there’s even a prophecy, which I promptly detailed out as part of the proposal to pitch to potential publishers.

In the summer of 2006, I’d written five chapters of Scions book one, a synopsis detailing the rest of that book and a one-page overview of the other two books in the Scions trilogy (including the prophecy). As I was writing the overview, the actual prophecy itself came to me easily, yet I wasn’t “set” in how that prophecy would play out in the stories.

Ultimately, even when wearing my author “hat” I’m still a reader at heart–I want to be surprised and I discover the twists and turns in the stories as I they unfold before me. 😉 I didn’t know who would uncover each of the pieces of the prophecy, how the layers would all tie together, who would be responsible for the biggest reveal or how each of the characters would be impacted by all the revelations. All those unknowns were very exciting to unearth as each story was written and each of the main characters played out their respective parts.

So I guess the answer to the question is that the prophecy came to me in…equal parts intuition, guess-work and good old fashioned…jigsaw puzzling. It never ceases to amaze me how the muse works in inexplicable ways!

If you’re interested in reading an action-adventure paranormal story where a suspenseful mystery is woven along-side a sexy romance, then I hope you’ll give my Scions books a try.

Note: Each of the Scions books are written to be read as stand alone stories, but if you’d like to read the adventures of each of the main characters in order, then they are as follows: Scions:Resurrection, Scions:Insurrection and Scions: Revelation.

Patrice Michelle

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