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Port Calypso Breaking Update – Is he cheating or camping?

January 14, 2014


Port Calypso Daily News

As we reported last week in the Society pages, Dane Martin of the popular men’s dating advice website and author of soon to be released self-help book, Coming On Strong, was seen in a compromising position with another local celebrity, Holly Winters. Ms. Winters, whose popular blog gives relationship advice to women struggling to find commitment among the monogamy-shy Virile sycophants, seems like the last woman Martin would dally with as both bloggers’ philosophies are in direct opposition with the other. Winters’ own self-help book, as yet untitled, is to be released next year.

Though neither would comment on the romantic nature of their relationship to PC Daily, stating they were “just friends”, they agreed to a joint column this week answering reader questions from their unique perspectives. Each day, we’ll be posting a new question with the He said/She said response.

Port Calypso will certainly be watching these local experts as they navigate their “friendship.” We can’t help but wonder if the Girl Next Door has tamed the most Virile man alive…or is she just another notch on the bedpost?

he said she said

Dear Mr. Virile and The Girl Next Door

My boyfriend goes camping every other weekend by himself.  He doesn’t want me to come with him and encourages me to go out with my girlfriends while he is away.  Do you think he might be cheating?

  Thank you,

  Camp Widow

He Said: Without a doubt.

She said: It sounds to me like you have a boyfriend who knows the importance of reflection and solitude. Instead of going out with your friends, use the time to search your own heart and soul. And maybe offer a compromise—every third camping weekend could be a couple’s retreat.

He said: Are you joking? The dude is clearly banging someone else.

She said: Not necessarily. Without any other insight to their relationship, it’s entirely possible that he is an introvert who needs time alone to recharge.

He said: He’s a guy. If he can get tent sex from his girlfriend and turns it down, he’s getting tent sex from someone else.

She said: -_-

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