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Sandi Shilhanek | Catching up on my reading

August 15, 2010

All over the net I’m sure you’ve been reading what a great time was had by all at RWA. As I said last week I had a great time too, but unfortunately one souvenir I wasn’t planning on bringing home came with me. An illness that has taken me forever (at least in my mind) to get over!

The good part of being sick…my doctor put me off work for this past week so I got to nap when I wanted and attempt to catch up on my reading. I also found out just how protective of the house my dogs, Oreo and Travis really are! I’ve included a picture of Travis protecting the house (well, maybe in his dreams).

I read an entire book on my Iphone even though I dedicated ebook readers. It was so easy to grab my phone and move from room to room, and be able to do more than just read! I read Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts on my phone. My thoughts…I really didn’t mind reading on my phone, and have moved on to The Inn At Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods, and while I can read it on my Kindle I’m enjoying using my phone for this title too. As for the book…I’d heard mixed reviews of Savor the Moment, but I really enjoyed it!

In print I read The Gift of Love, an anthology edited by Lori Foster. The short stories were perfect for when I wanted a quick read between naps.

Now, I think I’m finally on the mend, and treated myself to a lovely outing with the DFWTeaReaders to prove it. Welcome to our new members and hope to have you back with us again soon!

What have you read this week? Were you traditional and read a print book, or did you read an ebook, or perhaps you listened to an audio? I’m looking for some recommendations.

Until next week happy page turning!

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