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Sandi Shilhanek | I Wonder Whatever Happened to…

July 26, 2009

sandi shilhanekThe other day I found myself thinking about people I’ve known in my life and haven’t seen for awhile. I got to wondering what they were doing now, and how their lives have changed, and whether or not we would still enjoy spending time together.

Mackenzie's LegacyMacGregorsTaking that thought and extending it to the books I’ve read over the years I’m wondering what might have happened to the Mackenzie family from Linda Howard, or the MacGregor Family from Nora Roberts. Both these families have older generations who if they were to be continued today would have to have died off. How would we as readers feel about losing a beloved character? Probably not very happy, which is why we don’t have updates, but like finding out a once dear friend has passed away wouldn’t we grieve and move on in order to find out what newer generations of these families are doing?

I know I’ve mentioned two much loved families, but who are some characters that made an impression on you that you would like to see today and see if as your life has changed, and their lives have changed would you still love them?

Until next week happy page turning!

Sandi Shilhanek
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  • stacey July 26, 2009 at 4:14 am

    lynn Kurland has these to families in her books that i love The Macleods and the De Piaget some of them go back in time and some of them come forward in time and they are a great family I like them a lot I would not like to go back to one of them and find out that they have changed.