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Sandi Shilhanek | Reflections of the Summer of 2010

September 9, 2010

Now that Labor Day has passed, and for the majority of us summer has come to an official close it’s time to perhaps reflect back and see what was the best thing about the summer.

I was lucky to have many special memories in the summer of 2010. I know there’s no way to tell anyone which one was more special than any other one. My oldest son announced his decision to elope with his fiancée, and then announced that early next year my husband and I would be embracing our first grandchild. No clue yet as to the sex of the child, but my daughter in law is convinced it’s a girl, and my son convinced it’s a boy. We shall see.

Then I had the terrific opportunity to attend RWA in Orlando and meet so many of my favorite authors such as Robyn Carr, Tara Taylor Quinn, Christie Ridgway, and so many more. Then I had the chance to meet authors I’ve yet to read, but am now anxious to such as Carolyn Brown, Leigh Michaels, and Tessa Dare.

Finally I spent Labor Day weekend with my family celebrating my sister’s oldest child’s wedding. It was the first time in about three years that my sister, brother, mother, and I have all been together at the same time. If that’s not a cause for celebration I’m not sure what is!

When your friends, and family ask you what you thought was so special about the summer of 2010 what are you going to tell them? Will it be a trip you took? A person you met? A book you read that made a lasting impression? Tell all, because inquiring minds need to know.

Until next time happy page turning!

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