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Sandi Shilhanek | Robyn Carr & Breaking Rules

October 26, 2008

This week I broke one of my cardinal book rules. I bought a book that I’ve already read, and I plan on keeping it. In case you don’t know I don’t keep books nor do I reread books. This being the case why then would I purposely buy a book I’ve already read? The answer is easy…due to the Readers-n-Ritas event I attended a few weekends back I was able to get two autographed books from the Virgin River series by Robyn Carr. I being the book fanatic than decided to see if Ms. Carr would be nice enough to autograph the third and return to me, and she agreed. So naturally I needed the book.

The trip to the bookstore went smoothly enough, but I didn’t walk out with just the one book. Does a book fanatic ever walk out with just one? I ended up buying the reissues of the Grace Valley books because of the beautiful covers. It didn’t matter that those books in their original covers are sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, the new covers call my name, and I had to have them!

I couldn’t believe I was carrying those books to the counter and willingly buying them. I never buy books because I have to have a certain cover! I know that people do it, and that some people are so fanatical about the reissue issue that they’ll buy a favorite book every time it comes out so that they have it in every cover or format available.

To buy the reissued Grace Valley books was a definite first for me. I need to know what about you? Do you buy books in their various forms and different covers? If you do does that mean you have multiple copies of the books on your shelves or do you replace the older perhaps less desirable cover with the one you like better?

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