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November 19, 2008

Late as always … it’s laughingly (I hope) called “Reyes time” by our reading group and friends, but I blame trying to fit too much in a short period of time. Of course, when I do show up on time, or, gasp, EARLY, I hear it from them too. Some people you can never make happy!

Tonight is our monthly book club meeting, and since it’s at my house, I also have to get ready. In this case make sure the menu is on track, the people coming, and, oh, yeah, the book read. But that isn’t usually a problem with me, because I love to read and am fortunate enough to have friends who love to share good books I may have missed. I really believe the sharing of opinions is the best part of a book club. Well, the getting together a couple of times per month is great fun too! I’ll admit to enjoying spending time with fellow readers.

Candace Havens signing in Hurst
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This past week-end I managed to squeeze in three great reader events: first was a signing with Lisa Jackson and her sister Nancy Bush. They flew in from Oregon for the grand opening festivities at the new independent book store in our area: Legacy Books. A new independent is a cool thing in the Dallas area. We haven’t had one in YEARS!!! And Legacy is not a cozy little used/new book store but a splashy contemporary place. With a cafe. And they serve wine. Maybe beer too, but I’m not a beer drinker so I’m not sure. Anyway, best of all, they have wireless so I have an excuse to hang out and work and very comfortable chairs with good lighting to read by. PLUS a good selection of books. After all, isn’t that what a book store should have?

My second event was the launch celebration of Candace Haven’s THE DEMON KING AND I in Hurst. Yup, a fast 50 mile or so drive across town and after getting stuck in the mall parking lots I did manage to make the last 10 minutes in time to get photos. THere had been a crowd every one was eager to tell me, and there were only five books left…except if I wanted to download a kindle version. Course, it would help if I had a kindle (hint hint). But I didn’t miss the next event — the book party. You know, when you hang out with friends and the author at a good Tex-Mex restaurant after the signing and talk books! Margaritas, books and friends to talk books with.

Linda Howard and Faye
Linda Howard and Faye McMichael
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But I’m supposed to be talking about book clubs, so let me get back on track. Tonight our guest via the telephone is Linda Howard. We’ll be talking about her latest book, DEATH ANGEL. But trust me the conversation will wander all over. we’ll talk about the one book most of our group loved — we have one hold out but we won’t name names *grin* That book is MR. PERFECT. So this will be a special book club meeting. It’s not often…like NEVER … we all agree on a book. So I think a celebration is definitely in order.

Now the only decision to make is…celebrate with wine, diet Dr. Pepper or coffee? Definitely chocolate though!

Sara Reyes

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