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Sara Reyes | Reader Interrupted, I Hate When a Good Book Butts into Life!

August 22, 2009

Sara ReyesGordath WoodI picked up two sets of books last weekend at ArmadilloCon, both fantasies, one set by Scott Lynch about otherworldly thieves and Patrice Sarath‘s set in an alternate world of New York about an alternate world coexisting with ours. both have two books in their series and I bought all four books. I even surprise surprise started at book one of each set. Yeah, I’m one of those odd people who can pick up a book and as long as it’s interesting doesn’t matter if it’s book one, seven or three in a series.

Started reading the Scott Lynch thieves books. First off let me say, these suckers are HUGE, as in 700 pages. Which makes for a heavy paperback with very thin paper. But they are also fascinating which makes me wish for days without anything else to do but read. Unfortunately that isn’t possible. I have other things crowding my life, such as work, family, even needy pets getting in the way. So I had to resort this past week to sneak reading. Ah, the mark of addiction.

First I’d read at night until my eyes couldn’t focus anymore. Who cares about disrupting the house? A pillow over the head keeps most of the light out. Learn to sleep with a little glow. At least I’m quiet unlike a television! That’s all I’m saying! It’s the eyesight strain that will get me first. So I start off my day of work on maybe two hours of sleep. That was being overly generous I’m afraid so picture me cranky. Then I’d find reasons during the day to take off a few minutes or a chapter here and a chapter there sandwiched in between other chores. Taking a book in the car when I’m carpooling is not a smart thing. Especially a thick book. There is only so much you can read at a stop light. Seriously! And the stops and starts of “car reading” are not my favorite way to savor a good book.

And worse is the distraction by the characters. I mean seriously, Locke and Jean kept worrying me. What were they doing while I was trying to work? How were they going to get out of this new mess? Who was the Gray King? Did the others know it was a double triple cross? Hey, did I really think it was a double triple cross? Maybe that was a ploy? So finally on Wednesday I finished the Lynch adventures and now have to wait so patiently, right, whatever, for the next one. Out this year I think.

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