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September reading in a nutshell

October 2, 2005

CHERRY ON TOP by Kathleen Long (this was a new to me author. I read this book for review for a friend’s website, and really enjoyed it. If you like romantic comedy and you haven’t tried this author I think she’s one to watch for.)
COMFORT AND JOY by Kristin Hannah (This I read for review. I love Hannah! I read this all in one day a couple of Sundays ago. It was a wonderful way to waste a Sunday. This is I believe her first Christmas Novella. If it’s not then I’m going to have some searching to do.)
FIRST LOVE by Julie Kenner (The last book in The Bridesmaid Chronicles. I thought these books touted as single titles had a category feel to them. They weren’t in depth, and quite easy reads. Not keepers, but if you’re looking for something to fill in these might do it for you.)
HARBOR NIGHTS by Marcia Evanick(Read this one too for review. It was the first time I read this author, and I was hooked. Kept thinking I’m off to bed, but found myself having to stay up and finish.)
HARD EIGHT by Janet Evanovich (I’m so behind in this series that I finally asked a friend who has the rest of these on CD if I could borrow them. Maybe in my car I might get caught up? I also decided to read this to see if I had changed my mind on liking them anymore. I was right..the humor has gone. I was told this was the one she finally had sex with Ranger. Realize it was a mystery, and therefore don’t expect a great sex scene, but wow! What a let down!)
IN DEEP VOODOO by Stephanie Bond (I think this has to be better than I thought it was. I had read several in just a few days, and might have been slightly burnt out when I read this. Didn’t enjoy as much as I have some of her previous books.)
KILLING HER SOFTLY by Beverly Barton (Not as good as her recent trilogy, but still a good read. One I’m going to keep as I got it as a gift and it’s autographed. I had also requested this for review so had two copies and one I shared with a friend.)
LOYALTY IN DEATH by J.D. Robb( Never thought I’d like this series, but like millions of others I’m hooked. Got to try to read some more of these before the end of the year. As I read I’m sending them on to a friend from another list who has also just discovered Robb.)
THE MILE-HIGH HAIR CLUB by Naomi Neale (I didnt’ get this book, and didn’t enjoy it at all. I rarely tell people not to read a book, but this is one I don’t think is worth the reading time.)

Hope that all of you are reading something truly wonderful. So far in October I’ve managed to read Too Perfect the last book in Julie Ortolon’s Perfect Trilogy. I’m going to be starting The Funeral Planner by Julie Isenberg today. Don’t know how much reading I’ll get done as Brian will be bowling. Usually it’s Richard, but he’s feeling under the weather, so Brian is going to sub on his team today. I’ll be spending the afternoon in Desoto. Mike will be at work, and Richard will be snoring on the couch spreading his germs around.

Til we post again!


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