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Shanna Swendson at Borders Uptown

May 7, 2006

Shanna Swendson at Borders Uptown
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ONCE UPON STILETTOS is now in stores! And it was all over the Borders in Dallas Uptown! And we were there to get our copies (reading plus contest ones) during her Sunday signing.

Out on the street — they were giving away free copies of the new coffee coca cola drink but inside we were having fun chatting about Katie’s next adventure in the NYC.

In ONCE UPON STILETTOS, Katie’s parents win a trip to visit her for Thanksgiving and her roommates are ecstatic — Momma cooks a mean Thanksgiving spread even if there’s a difference of opinion over the type of dressing. Plus her relationship with fellow immune, lawyer Ethan is heating up! But what happens when there’s a spy in MSI and Katie’s tasked to find the culprit? Plus. what’s with the red shoes? Sure, they’re a bargain but suddenly Katie’s living the “Sex in the City” life as Carrie! No man can resist her! Magic, skeleton gangs, and chaos ensue!

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! The deli scene is priceless!! And I knew those garden gnomes were up to something!

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