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December 16, 2011

Sidney AyersDEMONS LIKE IT HOTReady for the second book in the Demons Unleashed series? We’re headed to the “kitchen”…DEMONS LIKE IT HOT by Sidney Ayers


Matthias Ambrose is a demon mercenary who never took sides, until his attraction to the spunky caterer he was hired to kidnap leads him to almost botch a job for the first time in eight hundred years. Now he must protect her from his former clients, but even an ice-cold demon like Matthias struggles to resist her fiery charms.


Completely engrossed with planning menus and prepping recipes for her shot at cooking show fame, star caterer Serah SanGermano refuses to believe she’s on a fast track to Hades. But how’s she supposed to stick to the kitchen if she can’t stand the heat of her gorgeous demonic bodyguard?

As a diabolical plot to destroy humanity unfolds and all hell breaks loose in Serah’s kitchen, she and Matthias find themselves knee-deep in demons and up to their eyeballs in love…

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“So you’ve finally decided to join us?”

The loud voice boomed in Matthias Ambrose’s ears. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his camouflage cargos and paced along the dais. The council consisting of the Paladin’s oldest and fiercest demon warriors and delegates looked down their noses at him.

He felt inferior, weak, and little. A common occurrence as of late… ever since his last job. A job he wished he never took. He deserved whatever hellish mission the Fore-Demons had in store for him.

“I have.” In the seven hundred and fifty plus years since he’d been demonized, he’d learned one thing. The less he talked, the better. Short and simple. End of story. The less he opened up, the less he’d show his weakness. And that was the last thing he wanted at this moment.

“Very well, Ambrose. Step forward.” The high-demon stood and clapped his hands. “I need to summon your handler.”

Matthias rolled his eyes. Leave it to the Fore-Demons to run their operation the way the CIA ran their spies. “Summon away, my lord.”

“Do I sense some sarcasm in your tone, Ambrose?” The demon clucked his tongue. “I can always reassign you to another mission. How does Siberia sound?”

Knowing the Fore-Demons and their non-existent sense of humor, they weren’t kidding. Might as well play along. “Cold.”

“Ahh, still as witty as ever.” The elder demon scraped a withered hand through his white beard. “Unfortunately, now is not the time for jokes. We have serious problems on Earth and we need all the help we can get―including yours.” There was no mistaking the contempt in his voice.

He controlled the snort that threatened. As if he was the truly evil one. If they only knew the truth. Maybe then the almighty Fore-Demons Council and their ever-so-virtuous Paladin wouldn’t be so quick to make assumptions.

What in Hades had he gotten himself into? He had never needed to prove his worth to anyone before. Now it was the only thing that drove him. He wanted to belong. He wanted to help. It unnerved him.

And it was all her fault. How could one simple job cause him to doubt his own existence?

He was a paid mercenary. He’d never chosen a side. Now he was ready to jump on the Paladin bandwagon. Why now?

The answer was simple. Serah SanGermano.

The moment his eyes had met hers, his world had spun out of control. And when he saw the mark on her hand, he knew exactly why the Infernati wanted Serah SanGermano. The two dots separated by a long slash showed him all he needed to know. She was a Pure Blood. Despite his fear at the discovery, other emotions roared inside him. The scar only accentuated her beauty. Because of her, he’d almost failed his last mission. The only comfort was that when it was all done and over, Miss SanGermano wouldn’t remember a thing. He’d made certain of it.

The curse of his demonic existence—the ability to remove all memories and thoughts. He could swoop in, do his business, and no one, not even one of those blasted slayers, would remember a thing. Part of his heart constricted at the thought. Why would he want her to remember him? He’d nearly sent her to her death.

From the fight she and her chimp of an imp put him through, he was lucky to make it out alive. She was a spitfire for sure. That sort of fight would only get her in trouble―especially in the Inferati’s clutches.

Infernati. He hated them more than ever. They were evil. They had taken advantage of him. They had found a weakness.

Never again. He’d not let his guard down. But then there was Serah. Her curly brown hair that framed her face. Bright eyes that sparkled like the most vibrant sapphires left him entranced. Steamy sexuality rolled from her every move, yet still an aura of purity surrounded her. Confusing and intoxicating. Dangerous.

He had to stay away from her, yet she needed protection. An imp, no matter how feisty he was, would not do. Not with the battle he could feel brewing. Then again, with Rafael Deleon and the bevy of demons in Connolly Park, Serah would be well protected.

Why couldn’t he stop thinking about her? He hadn’t thought about a woman in that way since that fateful day over eight hundred years ago. He drew his lips tight. Now was definitely not the time to draw up the past. He wanted to concentrate on his future. A future where he could fight evil… preferably on his own. Alone.

“Are you done brooding, Ambrose?” The dark, rich tone prickled in his ears.

Matthias’s head snapped up. He ground his teeth and clenched his fists tighter. If he was here it could mean only one thing. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Ambrose, you will respect your fellow Paladins if you wish to join us,” the only female of the Fore-Demon council admonished. To iterate her point, she threw back her arm and launched a warning fireball whizzing just past his shoulder.

Rafael Deleon shrugged and leaned against the marble dais. “No worries, Councilwoman Astra. He has his reasons, I’m sure.” He turned back to Matthias. “As for your question, Ambrose, I could ask you the same thing.”

Taking in Rafael’s countenance, Matthias blinked. Was this the same man? Where he had once been brutally formal and uptight, his aura now remained peaceful and serene. He could try to mask it behind all his pomp and arrogance, but Matthias knew better. The rumors were true. He’d fallen in love with the half-succubus he’d been sent to protect. Blasted odd; he’d always thought love a weakness in demons. Yet here stood Rafael Deleon, as proud and strong as ever.

Matthias raised his chin. “I don’t need to answer to you, Deleon.”

Rafael snorted. “I beg to differ.”

“Are you a member of the Fore-Demon council now?”


“I only answer to them or who they choose for my handler.”

Raking a hand through dark hair, Rafael turned to the council. “So you haven’t told him yet.”

“We were just about to, Deleon,” Astra said with a flick of her barbed wings. “He seemed too deep in thought.”

Rafael nodded. “I might as well do the honors.” With a devilish smirk he turned back to Matthias. “Ambrose, you will answer to me because I―much to my chagrin, I assure you―am your handler.”

Handler? Deleon? Why? This couldn’t be. He needed a mission somewhere far away from Connolly Park and Serah SanGermano. With her best friend’s demon lover as his handler, all his hopes slipped away. “I cannot agree to this.”

“Why ever not?” asked the elder demon. “Deleon is a one of the finest Paladin and he needs your help.”

“My reasons have nothing to do with Deleon and are personal in nature.”

“If you let your personal grievances sway your decisions, then you will never make it as a Paladin. If you want to prove yourself to the cause, then you will accept Deleon as your handler.”

Exactly what mission was he signing up for? What was so urgent that the great Paladin Rafael Deleon needed his help? After all, wasn’t he the one that was prophesized? “Fine. I accept Rafael Deleon as my handler.” As soon as he muttered the words, he was certain he’d regret it.

As if reading his mind—which he was certain they were—the Paladin council stood and nodded to him.

A cryptic smile crept across Astra’s lips. “Very wise decision, Ambrose. Now it is time to hear your mission. Deleon, do the honors.”

Rafael nodded in return. “Thank you, my lieges.” With stony silver eyes he glared at Matthias. “Your mission is this: You will guard my fiancée’s best friend: Serah SanGermano.”

The frozen tundra of Siberia sounded better, after all.

Demons Unleashed

Demons Prefer Blondes
Demons Unleashed
June 2011
Demons Like It Hot
Demons Unleashed
December 2011

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