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May 22, 2005

After my low of the week, and don’t you just hate it when you anticipate a book (or movie for that matter) and then it just doesn’t quite live up to your expectations? It’s an “okay” book or movie, but you were expecting to be blown away? Well, although my one read this week fit the description, I may have had a more open mind about the others I read.

Carved in Stone by Vickie TaylorCARVED IN STONE by Vickie Taylor was a more than pleasant surprise. Hey, where have I been? Are there other gargoyle stories out there? The only gargoyles I’m acquainted with were in that silly Disney movie with Demi Moore. Oh, and a few hanging out on cathedrals in Paris, or lingering in a over designed garden landscape. Taylor’s book has nothing resembling Disney in any way or sort. Thankfully. Ah, except for the French heritage, and I guess with a gargoyle, you do need the French.

We open with a monster under the bed (or not) and then flash forward to a modern Chicago complete with sexy men and women (sizzling with sexual tension, thank you very much) who battle their natures and a nasty bunch of neo-conservatives. You gotta love this one. It has all the hallmarks of a good read: fast pace, finely spun sexual tension, warring loyalties. All painted on a backdrop of today’s Chicago. Highly recommend and I can’t wait for the next one. Who’s story will it be? Taylor has a multi book contract with Berkley, so I’m thinking this is NOT a standalone, flash in the pan. Available on June 7

Next up was another long awaited book, the latest in the Women of the Otherworld series — HAUNTED by Kelley Armstrong.

Haunted by Kelley ArmstrongHaunted is Eve’s story. You remember Eve? Savannah’s mom? The Black witch? Well, you know, you can’t keep a black witch down…or apparently, GONE FOREVER!!! Yup, she’s a ghost, on a mission from the Fates (a crazier bunch of yarn spinners I’ve never seen before) and with the help of her ex-lover, oh, did I forget to mention, Krist is in purgatory too? Eve’s on a mission to save the world — she’s a phantom bounty hunter. Even if she can’t save her daughter, she’s still able to contribute.

You can read HAUNTED by itself, although I’ll bet you’ll want to read more about the Otherworld, I know I did after reading INDUSTRIAL MAGIC. Armstrong has created a multi-faceted and wondrous world. It’s well worth the search for her entire backlist and set aside a weekend of reading pleasure. Each character has his/her own flaws, strengths, humor and personality. They’ve all been a delight to read and the next one, available on June 7th is no different. Gooble it up and wish like me it was available over Memorial Day.
industrial magic by kelley armstrong hollows #4 Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong Hollows#3 Stolen by Kelley Armstrong Hollows #2 Bitten by Kelley Armstrong Hollows #1

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