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Spotlight on Sharon Ashwood

July 10, 2010

Who are the dark forgotten?Sharon Ashwood

No, it’s not the contents of the sock drawer.

My stories are set in present-day Fairview, a university town in the Pacific Northwest. It’s like any other North American city, but things are changing fast. The supernatural beings among us have been out in the open since the year 2000, which has created both fascination and fear among the human population.

But that’s just half the story. Long, long ago, all the various supernatural species lived side-by-side with humans. Then, nine sorcerers got together and built a supernatural prison dimension called the Castle.  They desired to be the most powerful beings on earth, so they put all other magical creatures into the Castle dungeon.  This included were-beasts, vampires, hellhounds, demons, dragons, unicorns—you name it.  It really didn’t matter if the other species were hostile to humans or not; they were killed or imprisoned for the crime of having magic.

Of course, a few monsters got away and survived in the shadows, and they became the modern vampires and werebeasts that “came out” in Y2K. They’ve just made peace with the humans and are starting to get a slice of the good life:  credit cards, cell phones, and cable TV.

And then the Castle opened a portal right in downtown Fairview. The creatures in it are the Dark Forgotten, imprisoned for thousands of years in a dungeon filled with flickering torches, endless twisty stone corridors, and something vicious around every corner.

Who should be rescued from the prison, and who should remain under lock and key? Who is evil, and who was merely guilty of magic? It’s a tough question, because the modern vampires and werewolves don’t want a whole new element coming in and ruining everything they’ve worked for. On the other hand, can they leave innocent beings locked up forever?

There are no easy answers for my characters, but there is plenty of passion and a lot of humour. After all, what happens when a large, evil rabbit escapes to haunt a tourist attraction? Do werewolves chase the postman? Does your house insurance cover demonic possession? And what happens when one of the Castle’s immortal guards falls in love with a single-mom slayer and has to choose between an eternity in darkness and a passionate affair that spells his death?


RAVENOUS begins the journey. Remember, one kiss is all it takes to lose your soul.

Read an excerpt of RAVENOUS.

SCORCHED delves into the world of the prison. Welcome to the Castle. The price of admission is your soul.

Read an excerpt of SCORCHED

Watch the SCORCHED video on YouTube

UNCHAINED breaks free onto bookstore shelves July 6!

Been there, slain that.

Read an excerpt of UNCHAINED:

Watch the UNCHAINED video on YouTube

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