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Summer Daze Reading Blockbusters and HP is in town!

July 11, 2008

Summer has settled in North Texas and along with the heat is a flurry of authors descending to talk up their books. Now, I’m not complaining, I LOVE to read and a new book is always welcome. But sometimes even I, addict that I am, can be overwhelmed. Nah, you say with feigned surprise, Sara? Overwhelmed with books?. Yeah, well, it happens. Once in a blue moon to be true, but it is a sad thing. What to read! Too many choices! The summer blockbusters are arriving: Iris Johansen, Linda Howard, Mariah Stewart, Janet Evanovich, Allison Brennan…what to read!

Then the surprise of the summer just sorta sneaks up… an event that escaped my radar. Do I hear another GASP? Yes, it’s sad but true. I almost missed the Harry Potter Symposium — PORTUS 2008. Right down the road so to speak. A gathering of the HP intelligentsia — no kids under 18 allowed. What has the world come to when the fans of a children’s book holds a yearly symposium (aka convention) complete with masquerades, costumed attendees, rock bands, fan fiction, movies and workshops on the hows and whys of “potterdom” and don’t let in the kiddos? At least with the trekkie cons of yesteryear, the adult kids were embraced!

Okay, I digress. We’ll be getting the scoop on the goings on at PORTUS 2008 form our fearless reporter, Miss Gwen. Okay, we’ll browbeat her into actually writing the stuff down, right here in our blog. The pictures will be posted. All will be well. PROMISE. Besides, from what she’s told me so far I’m SO jealous missing all the fun. They had HP rock bands last night, along with a day of showing the “official” HP movies. The fan generated ones will be showing over the weekend along with costumes and a maserquerade and lots of workshops on the whys and hows. Plus JIM DALE, signing and reading! It’s a treat!!!!

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