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A. P. Stephens | Three P’s of Self Publishing
Author Guest / May 20, 2010

The world of publishing has been shifting recently and authors more than ever are taking it upon themselves to get their work out there. Some have tried the traditions of trying to get an agent or submit it straight to publishers, but many find this way to be closed to them, the reasons many. Though vanity presses and such have been around for a long time, newer companies have entered the game, giving you more options that make it easier for you, the aspiring indie writer. Once you have selected your means of entering the industry for yourself, there are at least three :”P’s” you should follow. There might be more, but I will keep it short…or try to, at least. PROFESSIONALISM Having a book available for purchase needs to put you in the mindset of a business person. Yes, you are the author of a book, but when you self-publish, you are the publisher (and the marketer, the public relations person, the secretary, the bookkeeper, etc), the one that talks to bookstore employees and buyers, review blogs, podcasts, and other places that could possibly deal with your book. When talking to stores about carrying your book: be polite, listen…