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Ainslie Paton | Con Artist or Robin Hood?
Author Guest / June 6, 2018

  I once accidentally smuggled a weapon into a prison. It was a metal hair stick that might as well have been a shiv. I’m not sure that every single item’s barcode beeps at the supermarket self-serve before hitting the bag. Sometimes I fail to indicate when I change lanes. And in my day job I’m often called on to write persuasive copy. But I’m no con artist. So how did I come to write a Robin Hooding con artist family? I got frustrated with the state of the world and its politics and I wondered what it would take to redistribute a little wealth, spread the well-being, and save the planet. I’m no activist either, but as a romance author I wield a mean keyboard and that’s how the Confidence Game series got started. Anger meet keypad plus blank page equals One Night Wife. I imagined a generations old family who saw it as their duty to take money from rich people who didn’t deserve their luck or use their positions responsibility and give it to more deserving people and unpopular causes. Robin Hood without the tights or the flying arrows. It wasn’t hard to find examples of villains…