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Alisa Sheckley/Alisa Kwitney | Borders
Uncategorized / May 19, 2009

Borders can be pretty dangerous places. People slip over them in the dead of night, bringing desperate travelers, contraband goods and stolen identities. I knew I was inviting in all kinds of delicious plot complications when I set my novel, The Better to Hold You, on an invisible boundary line between realities. I tried not to think about the complications I was inviting by setting my sequel, Moonburn, on the borderline between paranormal romance and urban fantasy. At first, when I thought about writing a sequel, I thought I would concentrate on another couple, and leave my main characters to get on with the business of living happily ever after. But the truth is, I’ve always had a bit of a problem believing that couples will transition straight from a passionately conflicted courtship to a stress-free marriage. In my novels, I’ve always ended things optimistically, but assumed that there was another book, never to be written, about what happened next. And all of a sudden, I wanted to write the forbidden book. In The Better to Hold You, my heroine, Abra, becomes infected with the lycanthropy virus and discovers how to listen to her instincts. But what if her condition…

Alisa Sheckley/Alisa Kwitney | Fresh Fiction Guest Blog
Uncategorized / March 3, 2009

Back in the days when I was an assistant editor working on Neil Gaiman’s comic book series, The Sandman, romance and comic books were two very separate worlds. This always struck me as pretty strange, because I write romance, and despite my MFA from Columbia, most of what I know about writing, I’ve learned from comics. Show the hero/heroine using his/her power in a different way each time, for example. Don’t underestimate the reader’s intelligence by spelling everything out; the more intelligent you assume the reader is, the more intelligent the reader assumes you are. And, of course, the unwritten rule of fight scenes: The stronger one going in should be the weaker one going out. Click here to read the rest… Visit to learn more about books and authors.