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Barbara Longley | History and Inspiration
Author Guest / October 26, 2017

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of time travel. Also, to satisfy my own curiosity, I’ve read a lot about differing theories regarding dimensions and the multi-verse model of reality. Couple that with a deep and abiding appreciation for the history of Ireland, and a love of Celtic myths and legends, and how could I not create a romance weaving together all of these intriguing elements? Blame it on my Irish heritage and an overactive imagination, I guess. I’ve visited Ireland twice, and both times I experienced an overwhelming sense of homecoming. Maybe genetic memory is a thing? I haven’t yet explored the northern half of the island, so I will be going back. In fact, I’d really love to rent a cottage by the sea there for a summer. Anyway, while doing research for TANGLED IN TIME, my daughter and I spent two weeks touring Ireland in 2014. It was a happy discovery for me to learn we both share a love for all things ancient and Celtic. We spent fourteen glorious days exploring ruins, museums and landmarks. Many of the sites we visited have been incorporated into Fáelán and Regan’s tale, and I’d love to share a…