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Connie Mann | 20 Questions: BEYOND POWER
Author Guest / August 24, 2020

1–What’s the name of your latest release?  BEYOND POWER is a romantic suspense. It’s book 2 in the Florida Wildlife Warriors series, but it can absolutely be read as a stand-alone. 2–What is it about?  Here’s the back-cover copy for a sneak peek: Sultry romantic suspense set in Florida’s untamed wilderness. . . When your heart’s involved. . . If you dare venture beyond Disney’s magic and Miami’s high-rises, you’ll find yourself in Florida’s untamed wilderness. A bush pilot and officer for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Josh Tanner is one of the tough cops needed to manage these rugged areas. And the minute he finds Delilah Atwood deep in the woods without a good explanation, he knows something is very wrong… All the stakes are raised. . .                                 Delilah barely escaped her ultra-fundamental militia family years ago. Now she’s back to save her sixteen-year-old sister, and no government man is going to stop her. Josh isn’t going to stand by and watch Delilah risk her life, but unless he can get her to trust him, she may end up being the next victim. 3–What word best describes your heroine?  At first, awkward. Delilah is super-smart and much…