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Sandi Shilhanek | Biography
Sundays with Sandi / January 18, 2009

Friday night I went to dinner and a book signing with several members of the DFWTea Readers group. While at the bookstore what kind of reader would I be if I didn’t take a moment to do a quick perusal of the shelves? That quick look had me spotting two books on Barak Obama. Then I came home to do an online chat with some friends, and again the talk turned to the incoming president. The combination of these two things has me thinking about biographies. Do you read biographies? How do you decide whom you are going to read about? I personally am not a big biography reader, and if truth be told can’t remember the last time I read one. However, I did recently buy several about Lucille Ball. I also have a biography about the late Princess Diana in my TBR pile. Will I read them anytime soon? Unlikely. However, should I decide to get educated about either of these two women I’m ready! Sandi ShllhanekDFW Tea Readers GroupReaders ‘n ‘ritas … celebratepassionate literary obsessions Visit to learn more about books and authors.