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Bonnie Edwards | Earthy, Irreverent – that’s me! (oh, yes and a little bit lovestruck)
Author Guest / January 24, 2011

Hi everyone! It’s great to be here and I have to thank the gang at Fresh Fiction for inviting me. I’ve been learning something about “author branding” lately and trying like heck (okay I said heck but you know I mean the other h word – the hot one) to come up with something that suits me, the person, and me the author. These are not separate people to me. I don’t know that I have a public persona. I’m just me, always. I’m the sort of person who decorates a lovely staircase with a trailing philodendron under a skylight. It’s all very elegant and pretty. Until, in a fit of irreverence, I slipped a purple glass garden slug on the side of a step overlooking my front hall. Yes. . .  look closely and you’ll see my irreverent side. In every story I write, there’s an edge of irreverent humor I cannot and will not suppress. I take almost nothing seriously. Life’s too short and if you like a little fun in your romance novels, sooner or later, you’ll find me. And today, you’ll find me in full form in STROKE OF MIDNIGHT, my newest release from Carina Press….