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Lauren Helms | Top 5 Things to Nerd Out to in Boyfriend Maintenance
Author Guest / April 30, 2019

Hello, hello! My new release, Boyfriend Maintenance, might not be about hot gamer boys, but it stays true to my tagline, Nerdy and Flirty. I wanted to highlight a few things I totally nerded out to in the book. There are few definitions for the word nerd, but I like “a single-minded expert in a particular technical field” the best. With that being said, the following topics that are absolutely nerd-worthy from Boyfriend Maintenance… 1) Skee-Ball The popular arcade game is so much fun I have to play it whenever I’m someplace that has it. The carnival, any arcade, the bowling ally (yeah I know, but honestly, I’d rather Skee-Ball than bowl). I don’t remember how my love for Skee-Ball came up in a group chat between myself and the other 425 Madison authors, but somehow I was challenged to write Skee-Ball into my story. Challenge accepted. The whole premise of Boyfriend Maintenance starts and ends with Skee-Ball. 2) Grilled Cheese I love giving my characters a favorite food. The only downfall to this is because I write about the food obsession I end up obsessing about it as well. In this case, Emmy King was utterly in love with…