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Chelsea Fine | BEST KIND OF BROKEN Now Available in Paperback
Author Guest / January 13, 2015

Fresh Fiction is happily celebrating the trade paperback release of BEST KIND OF BROKEN by Chelsea Fine. For a taste of the first book in the steamy New Adult Finding Fate series, check out this excerpt, courtesy of Forever. Excerpt from BEST KIND OF BROKEN It’s late, and most of the inn guests are already asleep. I wait until I hear the TV click on in Levi’s room before I start plugging everything I own into the wall. We argued today. We avoided each other. And aside from the weird look we exchanged in the hallway this morning and our little spat in front of Zack, everything is back to normal. Which means I owe Levi for the cold shower I had to take. I turn everything on and the lights go out. I hear the TV die in the next room and crawl onto my bed with a smile. “Pixie!” Levi’s irritated voice rings through the walls and I’m feeling happier than a mature person should. I hear stomping, and then he opens my bedroom door. Just opens it. Like he has the right to just waltz into my room. I could be naked in here; he doesn’t know. “You’re…