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Sandi Shilhanek | Friday Nights are For Book Friends!
Uncategorized / August 16, 2008

Sara of Fresh Fiction fame thinks I can write a column while I on the other hand am not as certain, but decided that if she was going to be encouraging then I should give it my best shot by helping with the Fresh Fiction blog. Christine SonOriginally uploaded by freshfiction Friday, August 15, 2008 I met a couple of friends for a lovely and lively dinner, and then on to a book signing for a debut author [Christine Son] who also happens to be local to our area. Is there really anything better than meeting friends for a dinner and books without the husband, significant other, and or children? I for one think not. Yes, the main purpose is to discuss books, but if the group of friends is close doesn’t the discussion naturally go from the romance found in books to the romance found in your real life? Does that not then have you wondering are you married to a hero worthy of a romance novel? I know that physically I may not be married to a typical hero, but he’s there for me emotionally and financially. He’s a great dad, but more importantly he doesn’t mind my…

Christine Son | Yes, It Can Happen
Uncategorized / August 7, 2008

My debut novel, OFF THE MENU, hits bookshelves on August 5th, and recently, a lot of people have been asking me how I went about getting published. The short answer? By keeping my chin — and optimism — up even though I was receiving stacks of rejections every day. The long answer takes me back to a Facebook question I answered for my profile, which called for my most embarrassing moment. Unfortunately, my life is riddled with heinously embarrassing moments, and one of them occurred at a writers conference I attended in the mountains of California, where I met my agent. I’d been invited to an industry cocktail party out of the graciousness of one of the conference’s board members, and being an unpublished writer who was desperate to make a good impression, I researched the guest list, which included dozens of publishers and agents. This was my chance to wow them, I thought. And maybe snag an agent. So, I perfected my pitch. Practiced my smile. Wore a cute outfit. As ready as I’d ever be, I showed up at the party, determined and excited. And it would have been a great party had I managed to stay upright…