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Christy Evans | Middle-School Confidential – An Optimist is Born
Author Guest / April 14, 2011

Yesterday I did my first school visit as an author.  The occasion was the career fair at my great-niece’s middle school.  Yeah, my sister is old enough to have a granddaughter in middle school! The PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) was looking for people with interesting jobs to serve as presenters for their eighth-grade career fair.  Although I live 100 miles away, I raised my hand and volunteered to take a day off from the day job and show up.  Besides, it would give me the opportunity to combine the trip with a visit to local bookstores, so I would get double use of my travel time. I asked them to list my job title as “Mystery Writer,” figuring that might sound more exciting than “Published Author.”  Or at least friendlier somehow. In the days leading up to the event I found myself worrying about a million things.  What if I dressed like a dork?  What if they didn’t want to know about writing?  What if they thought writing wasn’t cool?  What if nobody talked to me? Good grief!  It was like being in junior high all over again! The big day finally arrived.  I put on my best outfit, loaded…