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Brenda Jackson | Exclusive Excerpt: CLAIMED BY A STEELE
Author Guest / May 5, 2020

Dear Reader, It is with bittersweetness that I write Gannon Steele’s story because he is the last brother of those “Bad News Steeles.” He is the last and the youngest, so you wonder what about his older brothers impressed him the most. Was it their player ways or their ability to recognize when they’d found that special woman who was destined to share their lives forever? Gannon is in a quandary. Now that he is the last of the “Bad News Steeles,” he wants to take it to the limit and enjoy life with women to the fullest. But on the other hand, he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of recognizing that woman who might be his soul mate. Has he met such a woman? Is Delphine Ryland the one? There must be a reason he feels emotions around her that he’s never felt for another woman. Or is it a fluke? From the very beginning, I knew Gannon’s story would be special because it would also be the ending of a family of men and women who thought they never wanted to find love but found it anyway. Join me in giving Gannon his chance to find love….