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Please Bite Me – Cole Gibsen’s Top Ten Vampires in Film and Television
Author Guest / April 9, 2018

What a torturous exercise, combing through gorgeous vampire after gorgeous vampire to compile a list of my top ten. As a vampire lover, and now author of my own vampire series, is there anything more sexy than a dark, mysterious man with hypnotic eyes and thirst for blood? Maybe they want to protect you or maybe they just want to bite your neck. Either way, I’m a sucker (pun intended!) for these brooding, mythological creatures of the night. So I took one for the team and created a top ten list of my all time favorites. Edward Cullen – Twilight Don’t you just want to run your fingers through Robert Pattinson’s wavy hair? And don’t get me started on those bedroom eyes. Still, the reason Edward ranks lowest on my list is because of his sulking disposition. While I love a good brooding vampire, he takes it too far. I think if we were to go on a date, I’d end up more depressed than turned on. Henry Fitzroy – Blood Ties Speaking of gorgeous hair, it doesn’t get any better than Kyle Schmid’s shoulder-length locks in his portrayal of crime-fighting vampire Henry Fitzroy. The only reason Henry rates so…